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Afro Flaxseed Heat Cap

Afro Flaxseed Heat Cap - AfroSteamCaps

Afro Flaxseed Heat Cap

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  Retain Hydration & Nourish Your Hair In Minutes.

  Perfect For Hot Oil Treatments & Deep Conditioning.

  Enhance Curl Definition & Improve Hair Elasticity.

  Flaxseeds Ensure Even & Gentle Heat Distribution 

  Combat Hair Breakage & Reach Your Hair Goals.

  Achieve Softer, Healthier Hair.

 Great For Low Porosity & High Porosity Hair.




"So convenient. You aren't stuck to one spot and this has elevated my hair routine to a whole new level."


- Geneva H.

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Nourish your hair from the inside out!  Achieve hair growth in low porosity hair types (3A-4C) using our Afro Deep Conditioner Heat Cap.

This cordless Afro Heat Cap works alongside your favorite deep conditioner, hair masque, oil or other hair treatment to maximize results. Our hair is naturally protected by cuticles that become damaged when we expose our hair to excessive heat, harsh chemicals and dyes. Deep conditioner and hair treatments can only do so much to improve the quality of your hair because they work on the surface of the hair shaft.

Adding the Afro Heat Cap to your conditioning routine opens hair cuticles for an extended period of time and allows for maximal product penetration. The effects of intense deep conditioning allow you to receive salon results from the comfort of your home.


Our Afro Deep Conditioning Heat Cap gives you the flexibility to deep condition on the go!


  Environmental Friendly Way To Deep Condition.

  Constructed With High Quality Natural Materials.

  Reversible & Reusable.

  Non-Electrical For Portability & Convenience.

  Great For Traveling.

  Safe For Natural, Long, Thick Or Curly Hair.


Afro Heat Cap Key Benefits.  

Hydrates Your Hair - Our hair needs hydration to maintain its health. Deep conditioning with the Afro Heat Cap helps improve your hair’s moisture and keeps it hydrated by drawing moisture to your hair shaft, reducing damage and breakage.

Reduces Damage - Deep conditioning with the Afro Heat Cap Improves the health of your hair by providing it with vital nutrients to reduce damage. Your hair is strengthened and moisturized, preventing breakage and making it less prone to any damage. 

Improves Manageability & Elasticity - Your hair becomes softer after the moisture infusion, making it easier to detangle and manage. Dry and brittle hair is prone to breakage. To prevent breakage, you want to keep your hair hydrated and moisturized.

Money Saver - You will optimize your product regimen and find yourself going to the salon less and less.

Travel Friendly - The Cordless Afro Heat Cap is small in size and allows you to achieve your deep conditioning goals while away from the house.



  • Place a protective plastic cap on your deep-conditioned hair.
  • Place the Afro Heat Cap into the microwave for 30-45 seconds on each side Do not exceed 3 minutes in total.
  • Place the heated cap on your head, on top of the plastic cap.
  • Ensure to tuck in any flyaway hairs