Shampoo brushes are designed to be used to help you cleanse the scalp. The bristles will allow you to deeply cleanse the scalp to remove product build-up., excess oil, and dead flaky skin. It will help to alleviate scalp issues such as dandruff, psoriasis, and itchy scalp. In addition, the circular motion on the scalp helps to promote blood circulation to the follicles which will encourage faster hair growth. The shampoo brushes should be used in conjunction when you are shampooing your hair, so you do not have to use the pads of your fingers anymore. The brushes will be able to cover much more of your scalp in a short space of time. And more importantly, the brush is designed to sit between your fingers, so it does not put pressure on your hand.


Detangling brushes are life savers for keeping your kinks, coils, or curls tangle-free all week long. It will aid in removing the knots without pulling your hair out from the scalp The bristles are made with silicone, so they can glide along the hair shaft while you are brushing your hair. To make your wash days extremely easier, you should section your hair into 4 or 6 parts. Then, detangle each section from tip to root using the detangling brush. And, once you are finished then twist or braid each section to keep it out of the way. 


If you read most deep conditioning treatments, recommend letting your hair sit with the product for 5 to 60 minutes. Each product is formulated differently so the time will vary depending on the product you buy. Letting your hair under a steam cap will maximize the effect of your deep conditioning treatment. The steam cap is designed to create heat underneath the cap which will open the cuticle layers on the hair shaft. So, the product is better able to penetrate the hair to impart the nutrients into it to repair, renew and restore life to your curls. After deep conditioning, remove the cap, then rinse thoroughly from root to tip. Your hair should be soft and supple to the touch.

*Note: Each deep conditioner is formulated to penetrate the hair within a specifically defined period. Do not go overboard giving the product ‘extra time as it does not do anything for your hair.


After cleansing, conditioning, and deep conditioning your curls, it is time to let them dry using a microfiber towel. Unlike cotton, microfiber will not leave your hair extremely dry so that it is susceptible to frizz. The microfiber towel will only remove the ‘excess’ water in your hair. So, your hair will be tangled, knot, and breakage free. And most importantly, your hair will stay hydrated until it is time to moisturize and style your hair. Our Afro Towel Wrap has a unique twist and lock system. You can secure your hair in place by attaching the tail of the towel to the top of it. You will be able to dry your hair simultaneously while finishing your showering routine or getting dressed. 

Once you have every one of these products in your wash day routine, your hair will benefit greatly. Caring for your natural hair should not be complex, difficult, or time-consuming so we aim to provide the products needed to improve the health of your kinks, coils, and curls.